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Formation of utyna chapters

Mid West


The Tegaru community in Chicago have just announced the formation of the UTYNA-Chicago Chapter on November 3rd, 2019, under the leadership of UTYNA Public Relations officer Haftu Lukas. The chapter has already held three community building events, and the UTYNA board would like to recognize them as the first local chapter in the U.S. We hope that other states will follow their example. 

West Coast

Image was taken at the Tigray Festival, Boat party hosted by UTYNA in DC, on Agust 2018.

UTYNA recognizes the large amount of Tegaru youth and adults present in the West Coast, especially in Seattle, Las Vegas, and the greater California area. Our goal is to support the formation of strong UTYNA chapters in these areas and beyond. Our hope is that every Tigraway in these areas will help us in this mission. 

East Coast

group of youth from Boston (MA): photo was taken from Dawit Tazele's FB.

The East coast is also home to a strong community of Tegarus, especially in the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), Boston, and Atlanta. UTYNA is working towards developing chapters in these states and working with these chapters to support the organization’s mission. 

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