What is UTYNA

  • `The United Tegaru Youth of North America (UTYNA) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit youth organization that works towards creating a platform for social connectedness, cultural awareness/exchange, philanthropy, and community engagement. While UTYNA represents a wide range of individuals and interests, the group shares a firm belief in the need to foster a collective identity and strengthen community ties across boarders.

UTYNA activities involve and benefit the informal groups of young people. The organization aims to transmit heritage values to young people that favors intercultural understanding, respect for cultural diversity, and promote an environment propitious to a culture of peace. Furthermore, UTYNA seeks to engage young people first-hand to improve education, health care, environmental conservation, gender issues, and further sustain development in communities throughout the Tigray region and beyond.

Our Mission

The mission of the organization is to capture and promote the social and intellectual capital of Tegaru youth through education, business, cultural celebration, and community engagement. Furthermore, UTYNA seeks the development of the Tegaru community both domestically and internationally (Tigray) by fostering the development of financial, academic, and cultural capital through philanthropy.

  • The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be :-          
  • A. To provide educational materials such as textbooks, computer software, and instructional materials for impoverished and underserved communities in the Tigray region.

B. To provide facilities, equipment, and a trained staff for participants to engage with community partners, and address the needs of disadvantaged families and youth

C. To provide opportunities for participants to engage in cultural, philanthropic, and community engagement.

D. To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the cultural awareness and philanthropy.

Our Vision

The organization seeks to have a strong and sustainable network of Tigrean youth that will give back to their communities in North America and in Tigray, Ethiopia.